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Spagnol Family

It all began with great-grandfather Serafino during the early 20th century.

Beginning in 1986, we went from only cultivating vineyards to production and sale, thereby completing the entire cycle of the wine-making process.

The vineyards have always been managed and worked by our nuclear family: father Orazio, mother Loreta and their sons, Stefano, Marco, Alberto and Mattia.

More specifically, Orazio and Alberto, together with a team of agronomists, supervise the agricultural activities, all done manually, from the management of the plants to the harvest; while Stefano and Marco, as oenologists, deal with the wine-making process of the company wine cellars.

Over time, the “famiglia” has grown to embrace the arrival of talented collaborators, who work in the vineyards (7 individuals), and in our offices (4 individuals).

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